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This website covers both coaching and consulting offered worldwide from Las Vegas, Nevada using phone or Skype so that you can get specific outcomes and particular results from coaching no matter where you may be living right now. You can check out Coach Woody’s reputation.


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Las Vegas

This well-known location in the state of Nevada is very easy to understand if you are a visitor who arrives here seeking an escape from everyday life somewhere else. If you live here as a local, however, Las Vegas can be very challenging for you. This is because one must truly understand the big difference between the promises made about Las Vegas versus the results and outcomes made possible within this seemingly magical place in the Mojave Desert.
Put very simply, Las Vegas coaching is from Las Vegas and draws upon the essence of Las Vegas—one of the most impressive collections of innovators and innovations in the entire United States. That Las Vegas essence includes all of these things you get here:

** a winning mindset
** short-term commitment only
** a sense of humor
** a sense of fun
** affordable low cost
** very high value
** very clear outcomes and real results.
This Las Vegas Coaching was created within the innovative spirit locally and is headquartered here locally. One positive outcome from this coaching is you become someone who believes luck favors those who are prepared in this life. Luck in this sense does not refer to winning money by gambling in Las Vegas or anywhere else. This luck refers to using proven tactics to prepare yourself to be a winner in your personal and professional life and achieve real outcomes and specific results you want.

Our marketing of Las Vegas Coaching uses the well-known 7-7-7 theme. The meaning of the three sevens is found in the belief that this exact sequence of numbers signifies perfection and success. Slot machines at casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere commonly use 7 7 7 to signify a lucky win.


Why is there a Las Vegas, Nevada?

You will benefit from using this website if you begin by thinking about why Las Vegas, Nevada exists in the present day. Hollywood has severely twisted many stories about Las Vegas and has created a false sense of what Las Vegas truly is all about. You would be wise not to base your beliefs about Las Vegas on what you’ve seen in motion pictures or television shows. Discover more.