Prices for Coaching

Online payment by credit card or debit card accepted.
Our marketing of Las Vegas Coaching uses the well-known 7-7-7 theme. The meaning of the three sevens is found in the belief that this exact sequence of numbers signifies perfection and success. Slot machines at casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere commonly use 7 7 7 to signify a lucky win.

One-to-One, Direct Coaching and Mentoring

This kind of coaching and mentoring is directly and personally with you and Coach Woody Goulart on a one-to-one basis. This per-session option at $97 is for to anyone who prefers coaching and mentoring with Coach Woody Goulart without the need to buy any coaching package at all.

  • $97 for email/text between you and Coach Woody Goulart in which you get coaching/mentoring on one topic (not multiple topics).
  • $97 for a phone/Skype (audio only) call between you and Coach Woody Goulart for 60 minutes running time.
  • $167 for one in-person one-to-one coaching/mentoring session in Las Vegas, Nevada (near Russell Rd at Rainbow Blvd) with you and Coach Woody Goulart face-to-face.
Together we customize your one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions based on your individual needs and do not rely upon “off-the-shelf” answers. You can purchase these one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions individually at the prices listed above as many times as you wish to interact with Coach Woody Goulart.
Discount Prices
Purchase 5 (five) email/text sessions or 5 (five) phone/Skype audio only calls for $350 total. Purchase 5 (five) in-person 60-minute face-to-face sessions for $585 total.

Coaching to Boost Your Life and Career

speak well be trusted ** Speak Well & Be Trusted Coaching (just $97) —
Quickly master the art of earning trust whenever you speak in public after you complete this in-depth coaching. —


buzz power ** Creating Buzz Power Coaching (just $97) —
Essential skills for you to win over your target audiences in 2019. Includes crucial coaching on how to get your eBook and paperback out for sale on Amazon!Details



cannabis sales skills coaching ** Cannabis Sales Skills Coaching & Training (just $97) —
Learn little-known skills to boost your career in customer-contact sales within the cannabis industry. A 7-hour coaching/training program. — Details


brand ** Personal Brand Coaching (just $97) —
Build your own powerful personal brand like today’s successful celebrities after you complete this in-depth coaching. — Details


mind voice ** Mind Voice Power (just $97) —
Learn how what you put in your mind changes your reality by completing this in-depth coaching program. — Details


Life Coaching for Gay Men

This coaching ($697see full details) takes place is exclusively for gay men only. It takes place in real time on a one-to-one basis using phone or Skype or email. In-person, one-to-tone, face-to-face coaching/mentoring in Las Vegas, Nevada (Russell Rd at Rainbow Blvd area) is available: Add $70 each per 60-minute session, or, get 5 (five) sessions add $245.

Woody Goulart says: “I’ve been on a lifelong quest to keep informing and educating myself. I am pleased to share what I’ve learned. That’s why as a gay man I am a life coach for gay men. You can benefit from lessons I’ve learned in this journey called life.”

Online payment by credit card or debit card accepted.